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To Our Valued UK and Northern Ireland Customers;

We are extremely sorry to announce that as of January 2021, we are no longer shipping to the UK. At this time, Northern Ireland is NOT effected and we will continue to ship to our Northern Ireland customers (current and new).

Unfortunately the British government has decided to impose a new unique taxation regime. This new taxation now requires every company in the world from every country in the world that’s outside the UK that exports to the UK to apply for a UK VAT number and collect British taxes on behalf of the British government. For providing this service, the UK government intends to charge a fee to every company in the world from every country in the world that sells to the UK.

Clearly this is ludicrous for one country, but imagine if every country in the world had the same idea. If every country decided to behave in the same way, we would have to pay 195 fees every year, keep up with the changes in taxation laws for 195 different countries, keep accounts on behalf of 195 different countries and submit payments to 195 tax offices in 195 different countries, and jump through whatever hoops were required to prove that we were doing all of this honestly and without any error.

We have many customers in the UK and would like to be able to continue to support them. Not being able to ship to the UK is not an ideal situation and is in no way in our favour. This is not what we wanted but we were forced by British policy to stop dealing with British customers.

Please keep in mind that this new taxation law is not just effecting EU businesses, this applies to every business in very country in the world. If businesses in the EU are going to struggle trying to support UK customers, just imagine how many other businesses around the world will as well.

If you're angry about this, please contact your MP or other elected representative in the UK.

Should the UK government decide to come back to earth, we will be more than happy to start shipping to the UK again.

We truly appreciate your support over the years.


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