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CBD Cream

CBD Creams

New CBD creams from Cibdol are packed with the high-quality CBD our customers have come to expect. All four of our new salves: Aczedol, Hydradol, Soridol and Zemadol are optimised with the structural power of liposomes - small, sac-like vesicles made up of one or more lipid bilayers.

Liposomes deliver active ingredient CBD past the intestinal membrane into the tissues and cells that need it, without interference. This allows for a more thorough course of skin nourishment. CBD is appearing in more supplements and creams on the world market, but many are inefficient. Cibdol CBD is fully extracted from organic hemp to support healthy skin from seed to salve.

Aczedol soothes the symptoms of acne with the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions of CBD. This herbal formula provides relief for acne sufferers, without the harsh chemicals found in other acne creams.

Hydradol is used to care for normal to dry skin on the face and body. Hydradol helps to give skin the structural support it needs to keep hydrated and sustain a healthy environment.

Soridol combats the different triggers and painful itching associated with the autoimmune inflammatory disease psoriasis. This cream encourages healthy cell communication with ingredients CBD, Vitamin A and more.

Zemadol CBD eczema cream is formulated with ingredients including GLA essential fatty acids to promote autoimmune health and normal cell growth to nourish skin with atopic dermatitis.