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CBD Supplements

Meladol is a new liposomal liquid from Cibdol that combines the power of CBD with the natural hormone melatonin. Meladol is taken orally to promote a better sleep/wake cycle for those struggling to fall asleep and feel energised throughout the day.

Melatonin production in humans is carried out in the pineal gland and is contingent on the body’s circadian rhythm. Many factors, including environmental influences, can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle and therefore interrupt your daily life.

Meladol’s supplemental dose of melatonin helps to shorten the sleep latency phase, so you won't have to toss and turn in bed for hours. What’s more, the liposomal delivery of CBD encourages a deeper and more restful sleep.

Blue light from phone and computer screens, as well as anxiety, can make it tough to “shut off” your brain at night and allow your body to relax fully. Luckily, the Meladol formula includes CBD, which is known for its powerful anti-anxiety potential. Melatonin, on the other hand, reduces stress-related nerve excitement. Melatonin also helps to calm the body down after staring at electronic devices.

Meladol harnesses natural ingredients to provide sleep relief, unlike habit-forming sleeping pills that come with worrisome side effects and contraindications. Meladol is contained in dropper-bottle form to make dosing easy and exact. The formula does not contain psychoactive cannabinoids and can be taken with you on the go.