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Rolling Paper Size Chart

How you roll depends on your smoking style. There are lots of different sizes of rolling papers to fit with your style. Check them out and then head to our online paper store

chart displaying the different sizes of rolling papers available for smoking.


Single wide

These are your standard size of rolling paper. They’re typically around 68mm in length and 34mm wide and are very common for all kinds of smoking. They’re just right for a solo smoke.

1 ¼

These papers hold 25% more than your average single wide. They’re around 76mm in length and 45mm wide. You can make more of a cone shape with your roll with these papers as there’s that extra bit of room.

1 ½

A 1 ½ paper are wider than the 1 ¼ sizes. Still at around 76mm long, they’re about 60mm wide, so your rolls will have a bigger diameter.

Double wide

As the name suggests, your double wide paper will have double the width. They do vary from brand to brand though, and can be anywhere from 63-88mm in width.


Want a bit more length to your roll than the average 1 ½ paper gives? Then the 84mm is perfect, still at 45mm in width, but with that extra length to you need.

King size

The king size are the largest standard size available and come in between 100-110mm in length, 55-60mm in width. These papers are great for groups of up to 5 people.

King slims

Your king slims are just as long as the kings, but are less wide, usually around 44mm. This will give you a long, thin roll.